Our lease purchase rate is based on the rate ruling as at today's date, you may be able to receive a more attractive rate from your own finance company although we do think this is a very competitive rate.

The payment term we have chosen is one in advance, this means we require as a deposit one months instalment plus the full VAT, which of course can be reclaimed immediately.

At the end of the leasing period the truck becomes your property with no hidden payments to be made (ie. No Residual). There are different payment plans available which can reduce the weekly payments.
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Contract Hire
Contract Hire benefits

  • No capital outlay
  • Guaranteed fixed costs
  • No residual value risk or resale problems
  • Off balance sheet funding
  • Tax efficient

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Example 1: Lease Purchase over 3 Years
Used Truck

Based on 3 year lease purchase
Used truck valued at 6,000.00 plus VAT
ONLY 43.40 per week plus VAT

New Truck

Based on 3 year lease purchase
New truck valued at 14,000.00 plus VAT
ONLY 100.22 per week plus VAT

(Figures based on rate ruling as at February 2009)
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Example 2: Lease Purchase over 5 Years
Used Truck

Based on 5 year lease purchase
Used truck valued at 6,000.00 plus VAT
ONLY : 28.21 per week plus VAT

New Truck

Based on 5 year lease purchase
New truck valued at 14,000.00 plus VAT
ONLY : 64.70 plus VAT

(based on rate ruling as at February 2009)
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Asset finance is a flexible, cost effective and tax efficient way to successfully grow your business without tying up valuable working capital. Asset Finance allows you to ease your cash flow through funding assets at an agreed rate over a set period of time.


Maximise your cash flow
Improve your tax efficiency
Manage budgets with fixed rates, repayments & rentals
Benefit from full use of asset with minimum upfront payment

Hire Purchase
Deferred Ownership upon delivery of asset.
Repayments matched to depreciation of asset.
Purchase asset for nominal fee at end of agreed term.
Finance secured on asset removing need for security.
Claim capital allowances immediately.
Fixed or variable interest rate funding available.
Interest on payments is tax deductible.
VAT recoverable on purchase price.

Finance Lease
Rentals matched to cash flow
Retain most of sale proceeds at end of agreed term
Fixed or variable interest rate funding available
VAT payable on the rentals not purchase cost
Offset rentals against taxable profits
Security not usually required

Operating Lease
Rental & return conditions calculated on the future of the asset
Lower rentals based on residual values
Enhanced return on assets from off-balance sheet funding
Avoids risks associated with asset ownership
Lower cost off-balance sheet funding

Feature Hire Purchase Finance Lease Operating Lease
Eventual Ownership
Improved Cash Flow
No Depreciation Risk
Off Balance Sheet
Interest/Rental Allowable Against Tax
Claim Capital Allowances
VAT Exempt on Repayments
VAT Reclaimable on Asset Cost
VAT Reclaimable on Rentals (0% Restriction on Cars with private use)
Fixed Term and Repayments/Rental
Fixed. Variable or Tailored Funding Options
Receive Proceeds from Asset Sale
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